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Unforgettable trip to majestic Uzbekistan

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Создано 07.11.2016

Travel is considered successful if it contains at least three components: spectacular natural and architectural amenities, diverse local cuisine and unique items and souvenirs which can be bought only at the place visited by you.

Uzbekistan souvenirs exhibition

On the latter point, Uzbekistan exceeds all expectations. You for sure have heard about famous bazaars of Samarkand and Bukhara, which sell real masterpieces.

Merciless sun at its zenith, the minarets propping incandescent firmament, turquoise of domes competing with piercing blue sky -  all this is Samarkand, an ancient city and a magic sleep. The history of conquests and discoveries, oriental tales and ancient legends, facts and fiction for 2750 years of its existence intertwined in complex patterns like patterns on the facades of mosques and madrassahs. It is almost impossible to separate truth from fiction and fantasy. We can only admire and wonder.


Samarkand is the elder brother and the eternal rival of the Uzbek capital. Over its long history it had time to become the main city of the pre-Mongol state of Sogdiana, the empire of Amir Timur and even Uzbek SSR. Now Samarkand is the second biggest city in Uzbekistan, and the time of its heyday fall at the end of the XIV - early of the XV century - the era of Timur and his descendants.

Bukhara is the city with a completely unique atmosphere. The eastern slowness as it poured into the air.

Bukhara is located on the lower reaches of the Zarafshan River, in the band of ancient agricultural culture. Wetlands were entered the river silt of the Sogd (Zarafshan). The population began to flock to these places, abundant with water and lands for hunting. Cultural layers, reaching in some places up to 20 meters depth, denote the antiquity of the city.


The gem of Bukhara is a small mausoleum of the Samanids’ dynasty. At a distance this extremely proportional grave looks like a carved golden box, crowned with a low cupola.

Having visited this page  and making a tour to Uzbekistan with its archaeological and natural sites, you will make a real adventure, teeming with pleasant disclosures. Uzbekistan is the market leader of cultural and educational character. Guests have the probability to trace the country's history, not only in museums, but also "live". One has only to tread the land of ancient settlements, to visit archaeological sites, and the doors to the distant past of palaces, temples dedicated to various gods will open before you.

Madrasah in Uzbekistan

You are unlikely to forget high minarets, grand madrassahs and mosques, luxurious palaces and austere mausoleums decorated with ceramic ornaments of incredible beauty.

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